About Cougar Cubs Preschool


GCCSC’s Cougar Cubs Preschool is proud to serve the community of Greenfield, providing high-quality early childhood services and childcare for all children ages 3-5. Cougar Cubs is committed to building the foundation for future learning, inspiring a love of learning, and developing the whole child. Cougar Cubs is rated a Level 3 through Paths to QUALITY and offers tuition assistance, including CCDF, On My Way Pre-K, and the Build, Learn, Grow scholarship fund.

Mission, Beliefs, and Vision

Our Mission

Cougar Cubs Preschool welcomes and embraces all preschool children and is committed to developing the whole child.

Our Beliefs

We believe that all children are capable, creative, and caring learners with a natural love of learning. We believe in fostering a sense of belonging by building partnerships with students, families, and staff.

Our Vision

We strive to promote positive outcomes for all students through intentional learning in natural, inclusive environments. Our goal is to build the foundation for future learning, creating seamless educational experiences and transitions throughout each child’s educational journey.